Share auth between two web apps

Hi, we’re trying to get azure and auth0 to work with each other. Our current setup is that we have a WCF service running on an azure web app and this service is being called by our website which is also running on a different azure web app. We have integrated auth0 on our website web app and that all works but we now want to also protect our WCF service, would it be possible to do this without any server side code?

We have tried to also add the same authentication to our WCF service but logging into our website and then making calls to it just returns a 401 since I’m guessing the user is technically not logged into the WCF by that point.

Hey there @christiannielsen !

After adding the same authentication to the WCF service, can you somehow log in there directly?
Searching quickly, it looks like the WCF service is an endpoint storing XML/other format data without UI.

PS: Looking at WCF service documentation, there is a section on protecting those endpoints - did you have a chance to take a look?

Yes we use the WCF service as an API without a UI but when adding the auth0 to the WCF’s Azure web app, the callback redirects the user to login on auth0. We want the user to only login to our website which uses the same auth0 app and from there the website can call endpoints on our WCF service.

Hi @christiannielsen !

After further investigation to see what’s available on our side, I found a repo for integrating auth0 with WCF REST, but unfortunately, it’s deprecated.

Assuming you are looking for a solution that doesn’t require server-side coding, the above repo would not serve your needs either way.

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