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Auth0 authentication not returning profile on hosted Azure application


I have implemented Auth0 login for our react single web page application. It works locally but once it is uploaded to Azure, the callback no longer contains the profile information, which then just loops the user back to the login page. I’ve explored whether the change from http to https has an effect by adding a self signed certificate to my local installation.

Has anyone had any issues with working with Auth0 and Azure App Services before?


Hey there @kathrynb, Azure and Auth0 often play nice when working together. However what you are experiencing may be related to your allowed callback selections. Are you seeing any errors within your logs? When you get a chance can you snag me a HAR file and DM It over so we can take a deeper look at what may be going on along with your tenant name? Thanks in advance!


Hey there @kathrynb, I sent you a reply via DM asking for more information. Just wanted to give you a heads up :+1:


Our initial installation was doing auth on the server and sending a token to the client. Via the example SPA + API setup, I changed the auth to be handled on the client and send a token to the server, and now it is working on Azure.


Fantastic @kathrynb, I’m glad to hear everything is good now. Be sure to keep us updated on your build and let us know if you have any questions in the future!

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