Getting unauthorized response when I call userinfo from my API

  1. I am using angular as my client and .net core as the backend. I am trying to get the user info from auth0 in the backend .net core API. But, I am getting an unauthorized error.
    I have deployed my API and client in the Azure cloud services.
  2. When I try the same from any Rest client tool like postman I am able to get the user info using the same access token. Can anyone help me in figuring out this??


Hey there @sasidhar538 I would be happy to assist! The first step would be for you to snag a HAR file of the current problematic workflow and direct message it over to me along with your tenant name. Please be sure to select “Preserve log” to catch redirects and scrub the file of user passwords before passing, thanks!

I wanted to follow up @sasidhar538 and see how things are going on obtaining the HAR file. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

I took some time and reviewed the HAR file you sent over. I did see a 401 error in there but it wasn’t hit an Auth0 API endpoint. I was hoping you could obtain another HAR file and when doing so please verify the “Preserve log” is enabled to catch any redirects. Thanks in advance!

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