SSO to a 3rd party web application which doesn't support SAML or oAuth by default

Hi Team,

We have bought a new software from a 3rd party vendor which will be deployed in Azure. This application doesn’t have any authentication support. We cannot do any modification in the software but we have full control over the deployment platform and the domain and sub-domains.

Normally this application is hosted in intranet with windows authentication, so I hope it uses cookies for authentication already.

Is there way in which we can utilize Auth0 to authorize the application?

Hey there!

It will be hard to assess it having the amount of context you provided I would actually encourage you to make use of our Professional Services that will help you consulting that:

Of course you can always explore our docs but I guess you still know more details about your solution than I know so I don’t want to mislead you by providing incorrect links to our docs