Setting up customised password reset page

Hi Auth0 Team and Community,

I am trying to setup a customised password reset page/widget. When I try to change the placeholders, such as the passwordPlaceholder the change is not taken over to the password reset page. I am sure that I am missing something, but I am not sure what exactly and I would greatly appreciate your help.

Please see the attached screenshot.

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Hi @support24 ,

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I tested this by customizing the passwordPlaceholder and it works for me. Here are the steps:

  1. Branding → Universal Login → Settings, enable Classic , and click Save.

  2. Under the Password Reset tab, enable Customize Password Reset Page, and uncomment passwordPlaceholder with a customized message, click Save.

  • Please be noted that the changes do not reflect under the Preview tab.
  1. in the login page, click on the forgot password link and enter my email.

  2. open the email and click on the URL in the email. On the Change Password page, the password placeholder is updated.

If you observe the same issue with the above steps, please DM me the name of your tenant and a screenshot of the Password Reset page. Thanks!

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