Setting up clients to multiple tennants

I had a call with one of the Auth0 reps and was told that this was a possibility, but I can’t seem to find out how to actually get this done.

So I have a client in my tennant that is a single web app client. I also have an API. Through the web app client, the server calls the mgmt api and creates new clients for users of the web app so that they can requests tokens from the API.

I want to set up a production/test environment. This way I can run tests on creating new clients/users without polluting the database containing real users/clients. To avoid having to make conditional statements in too many places of the code, I want to just have the tenant change, but allow the web app client and mgmt api to exit across both a production tenant and a test tenant.

As far as I can understand, I should be able to set this up from the client connections? I don’t see how this is possible from either any of the 3 sliders present.

You can achieve this by setting up different connections for your different environments and passing the [allowedConnections] ( Lock configuration option in the authentication request. You can see a more detailed explanation of this setup here:

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