Clients and Users separation

I have 3 Clients added in auth0 (for each of the environment I use, dev/stage/prod) and several Users. Problem is that any User can access any of the 3 Clients, is there a way to restrict Users to only the Client they were added? I’d like to be able to separate these.


Our recommended approach is to have separate tenants (accounts) for each environment to guarantee maximum isolation between environments. I suggest reading through our following document:

If you’d like to keep the single account, you would need to create 3 separate connections (dev, stage, prod), and only enable them for their respective clients. E.g the Dev client will only have the dev connection enabled, prod client only has the prod connection enabled.

Is each of those accounts paid for separately?

Thanks for response. Problem is that new accounts don’t have the delegation endpoints any longer.

If I keep everything in the same account for some reason I don’t see in the login screen the password auth, it shows only Linkedin / Google connection (the ones I’ve set).