this is in reference to the same problem statement which was abruptly closed: Setting up a new user - with linked authorised application

Can someone help in understanding how to add an authorised application for a user?

Hey there @kunal3 welcome to the community!

Cab you help me better understand your desired use case here? The more detailed information you can provide the better!

@tyf As you already know any user which needs to access a particular app via code needs to register the app as being authorised for that user.

Now i’m not able to see any way in the UI to add the user as authorised to access the app.

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Hey there @kunal3, sorry for the delayed response here.

There isn’t a way to authorize applications on behalf of the user - When a user goes to register and/or login to an app for the first time, they will be prompted for consent.

What can be done in this case for an existing user?

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Hey @kunal3 - Unless I’m not understanding your use case correctly, this also applies to an existing user.

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