If Admin is creating user, under user management in that case how we can assign application to user?

Please help us to understand the above subjected question related to application assignment to user. Awaiting for your reply.

Hey there @ishan.pathak welcome to the community!

Typically, the process of granting an application access to a user’s account (user consent) generally requires the user themselves to authorize the application. This is part of the standard OAuth 2.0 authorization flow.

It is possible to skip user consent for first-party applications, but the user will still need to interact with Universal Login. When the user attempts to sign in to the application for the first time, the authorization process should happen automatically without the user needing to provide explicit consent, assuming you’ve configured your Auth0 tenant to allow first-party applications to skip user consent.

Hope this helps!

User consent is part of OIDC/Authz flow that will happen when we configure it with auth0 but we have different question.

lets take an example if there is xyz application(OIDC) integrated with Auth0 how we will assign the users to that application like we do in okta OIE console for user authorization to an access the application?