Set a default (social) connection to avoid login button

I have a social connection to, the authentication process works. I want to avoid the extraneous logon button, to do that I need to add to /authorize?connection=myconnectionname. Unfortunately my authentication system (oauth2-proxy) won’t pass a connection parameter on, I have a bug report on their github. So short of a PR to oauth2-proxy I was hoping I could find another solution to use auth0 to default to my social connection. I would be happy to add a hard coded redirect. I attempted to do this with a Login Action, but I can only add a post logon trigger, so the action doesn’t execute until after it goes through cilogon and after the extraneous logon button shows up.

Are there any other workarounds I could use to force a redirect within auth0 so I can include the connection parameter? My next simplest solution is to hard code a 302 redirect location into my reverse proxy to achieve this. That’s pretty janky, so if I could do it on the auth0 side it would produce less code smell.

This is a follow up from this discussion: Getting an extranious "Sign in button" I can't find a way around

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This is my issue open with oauth2-proxy regarding not passing on the connection parameter: oidc auth redirect drops the `connection` parameter as defined in `login_url` unexpectedly · Issue #2702 · oauth2-proxy/oauth2-proxy · GitHub