Service Issue? Application not receiving list of users? [Search removed on free account!]

We have a .net core application that has been running since the beginning of the year, it seems the application is not getting the list of users, has the API changed that may cause an issue or is there a problem with the service?

There are no restrictions on IP and custom login page is working?


Apparently this is because search features have been removed from free accounts?
If you have search issues, you will have to contact support to have it switched back on.

The strategy to switch things off without warning, then switch things back on when customers complain (if they see fit) is a ridiculous strategy by Auth0.
We only have to wait as it will be fixed “in a day or two”

I have PayPal integrations that been running over a decade without incident.

There is an ongoing investigation related to elevated error responses in user search responses so it’s highly likely that the situation you are experiencing is connected with this incident. You should use the previous link to get up-to-date information on that incident.

ok will keep an eye on it and see if it resumes.

The tenant is in the EU though:

ok will keep an eye on it and see if it resumes.

The tenant is in the EU though:

If the tenant is in the EU region then based on the affected environments that incident should not apply. Can you confirm the exact behavior you experience, do you get an error or simply don’t get any users? Meanwhile, I’ll try to find any lead based on the provided tenant information.

At first glance, could not find anything of relevancy; if you still reproduce the issue it may be interesting to also know the exact endpoint and status code as I could not find any logs that could be linked to this issue for that tenant.

I will have a closer, look, this app is deployed on a clients server and is running fine apart from listing users, the site has been running for months without an issue, but just been flagged up today, will investigate and report back.

The app is .net core 1.0 using 3.7.0 of the Auth0 SDK to get user info and to get a list of users, these calls seem to failing and worked before, definitely a few weeks ago.

var users = await client.Users.GetAllAsync(page - 1, pageSize, true, null, null, null, null, luceneSearch, “v2”);

This is a non-OIDC client, the setup and app deployment has not changed.

I am convinced this is a change in the Auth0 api that has broken one of our applications considering the application has not changed?

Thanks for the context information, it helped making sure I was looking at the right place. I previously did not found anything because I was looking for errors responses and I believe the situation is that the request completes, but there are no users returned which may be associated to the fact that user searches over custom metadata fields have been restricted as part of an incident response. The restrictions were applied for new accounts and retroactively to non-paid subscriptions because of the sheer number of those types of subscriptions. (to be continued)

The restrictions had to be applied to ensure a stable env. However, we consider lifting them for accounts that already existed and were using that feature as long as their metadata schema is reasonable. Given the tenant in question is a free subscription this is likely the root cause of the issue. I recommend reaching to private support through a ticket or email address mentioned here so that the situation can be reviewed (the reason for ticket is that it’s easier to discuss sensitive topics like metadata schema, tenant info).

If you provide a service that has features and we develop applications, it’s very disappointing and outrageous that you switch off the features and then mention that its because its free account. Why not let us know at least and no now and make it our problem in front of our clients, I am really trying be positive about Auth0, but I get let down all the time. I have said it before, great product, but the way customers are treated is appalling. Not happy at all.

I have created a ticked from a paid tenant and cc’d the email address supplied, lets see how long this takes…

This is now resolved.

I also agree that this should have been preceded with more information about the change and this is something that I already raised internally for review because at the days end this was a breaking change; as mentioned, before not doing such a change could lead to bigger issues for everyone, but this change also had consequences so we should had done a better job with regards to keeping affected users informed.

Hi! Did you ever get this resolved? We’d requested re-activation of search capabilities against our account 14 days ago and haven’t seen any updates since then, wondering if anyone else has had any luck.

Yes, this was resolved for us, the incident report is here with the current/updated status: Indexing delays on Search API for Free accounts • Auth0 Status Page Your best bet is to chase up support.