Server_error: Internal error on reset password page

We have been experiencing issues with password reset using the new universal login pages.

The error message is server_error: Internal error. This error has been consistent over the past 24 hours as far as we know.

Is this a setup issue or a service issue?

Hey there Sam!

There doesn’t seem to be any issue as I checked out stats page:

Have you changed by any chance anything before that started happening?

Hi Konrad

No we haven’t changed anything recently.

We are using custom email templates, but we are receiving the link correctly, and experience the same problem if we switch to the default templates.

We were experiencing the issue using the new universal login pages, and don’t have the same issue using the classic pages.

Gotchya! Thanks for providing that context. Do you guys till receive this error or was it an interim issue?

We still receive the issue if using the new universal login yes.

Roger that. Can you send me your tenant name via private message to see potentially what is happening behind the scenes? Thank you!

We’re investigating that with the user. Will let everyone know what it was once we handle that.

Still troubleshooting that, will let you know once we establish something!

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