Sequencing of quickstarts for Angular SPA + Rails API-only backend

Greetings everyone,

I’m building an Angular 8 app and intending to use a Rails API-only backend. I’ve successfully configured the frontend using the Angular Quickstart. My compliments to the doc team as it was very easy to follow and complete successfully.

My question regards the next step and trying to make an API call to an Auth0 secured backend. The Angular quickstart proceeds to use an Express API so I’m wondering if I should:

  1. Simply replace the Express specific portions of the Angular SPA quickstart Part 2 with the relevant sections of the Rails API quickstart.


  1. Follow the Rails API quickstart in its entirety and then revert back to the Angular SAP quickstart and skipping all the Express sections?

While the two choices may be practically identical it’s not clear to me which one will allow me to continue using the checkpoints in the documentation to check my progress. I really like those so I’m hoping to find out the best way to keep moving forward.

My thanks to everyone in advance.


Hi @Frinkiac-7,

I am not sure if there will be a huge difference here. The Rails API is going to be a direct replacement for the Express app. I looked over both quickstarts and it seems like you should be able to drop the Rails API directly in place of the Express API portion of the tutorial.

You will need to add the relevant angular code from the part 2 of the angular quickstart, but it looks like that should be about it.

Let me know if you run into anything and I will try and work through it with you. Feel free to continue in this thread too since it is related.

Hi Dan,

Thanks very much for the response, mate. This is all new to me so I wanted to ask as I didn’t want to risk confusion jumping between two quickstarts only to find out later that “Oh, yeah, doing X instead would have been way easier.” :laughing:

Thanks again for your help.



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No problem! There may be some custom config, but it should be pretty straightfoward. Regardless, we can get it working.

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Hi Dan,

I started another thread to address the issue I’m having. Not sure if it makes sense to link it here in case it helps continuity for others who may be struggling with similar learning curve issues.

I can delete this reply if this isn’t within the community standards.

Cheers, mate.


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