What happened to the Angular Quickstart for Auth0.js?

I’m working on converting our AngularJS app to the latest Angular. I found the quickstart for Angular now uses auth0-spa-js which I started using but quickly realized its limitations We need custom login forms/signup, etc. so I don’t think auth0-spa-js is what I want.

Is there an appropriate quickstart for the latest Angular and Auth0.js? Am I off base with my assumptions about auth0-spa-js ?

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The Github samples are now all using the new auth0-spa-js, but you could jump back to this particular commit, which was the latest using the auth0.js:

-> https://github.com/auth0-samples/auth0-angular-samples/tree/890b77a157b8edcd8ecd85dd959adc9e87c25652

What are the limitations you’re having with the new SDK?

We need custom login forms/signup, etc.

Custom UI hosted on Auth0 (Dashboard > Universal Login > Login > Customize Login Page), or hosted on your end?

We are required to host the login/sign up form on our site.

I think maybe I found enough to get my going by poking around the github site. There’s a branch with Angular and Auth0.js for an embedded login form:


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Glad you found a sample.

Just curious, what’s the reason for the requirement for embedding it in your site?
(Asking cause sometimes SPA apps want to avoid the redirect. In that case, it should be noted that you could also run the flow with a popup instead of a redirect. Just in case this might be the reason. But there might of course be others as well.)

Originally, I think it was due to the users finding the universal sign in/sign up confusing. We might consider moving back to the universal login. I think the new version is much improved.

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