Sending a Magic Link Email from Server

I think I understand this correctly, but I want to make sure: is it essentially impossible to trigger a magic link email from my server, because it has to be triggered from the same browser that will open it?

I’m running an ASP.NET Core API, with the auth0.ManagementApi and auth0.AuthenticationApi nuget packages installed. I call AuthenticationApi.StartPasswordlessEmailFlowAsync() method to cause a magic link email to be sent to a user. But when I receive the magic link and open it, I get the “The link must be opened on the same device and browser from which you submitted your email address” error.

I assume I’m seeing this error because I’m calling StartPasswordlessEmailFlowAsync() in server-side code. Is it possible to trigger the email from the server side and have it work? If not, why is StartPasswordlessEmailFlowAsync() included in the .NET Core AuthenticationApi?

Thank you!