Authenticate ASP.NET Core v2.0 with Email using Auth0

The instructions on on how to authenticate ASP.NET Core v2.0 with Email are really extremely limited.

We can send out e-mails with the magic link either through the Try button in the Auth0 Portal or in code using

PasswordlessEmailResponse response = await client.StartPasswordlessEmailFlowAsync(new PasswordlessEmailRequest()
                ClientId = "HIDDEN",
                Email = "HIDDEN",
                Type = PasswordlessEmailRequestType.Link,
                AuthenticationParameters = { { "redirect_uri", "http://localhost:8080/" } }

But we cannot get the user authenticated when he clicks the magic link and is redirected.

Does anyone have a working solution / sample that uses Passwordless authentication with Core 2.0?

:wave: @dev13 were you able to solve your issue? I believe this StackOverflow question had a similar issue with the redirect-uri (c# - When sending an Auth0 passwordless email link, how do you set the redirect uri? - Stack Overflow) . It recommends that if you use the Passwordless​Email​Request object, you can set the applicagtion ID and redirect URI (inside AuthenticationParameters) explicitly. Which it appears you have in your code. What happens when the user clicks on the link?