Send passwordless emails only to previously created users


We would like to use the PasswordLess feature but only send emails to those already registered as users.

Our idea is to prepopulate the database with users coming from elsewhere (Using the mgmt API) and when the user enter his email then the system only send if that user exists in the database.

Is that possible? So far, if I have a valid email but I’m not in the database, I receive the email anyway.


Let me research that @lean for you and get back with the news soon!

Hey Konrad,

Any update on this? We have a similar use case of only wanting people to be able to use passwordless if they already have an existing account (email address) in our database, otherwise we don’t even want to send them the link. It doesn’t seem like rules or hooks are viable at that point in the auth flow though.

The alternative we’re thinking of is only making the passwordless start request from our server after doing our own check to see if the email already exists in our database.

Samuel Clark

In the connection settings for Passwordless Email, there’s a switch all the way at the bottom of the modal called “Disable Sign Ups”. I think that would work for your use case. You can still create passwordless users from the Management API that way.

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Sorry I was out of office for quite a while. Thanks a lot for sharing that knowledge @thijmen96!

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