"Email" (passwordless) connection missing in Create User dashboard

I’m trying to set up a test app with passwordless-only auth, with signups disabled. I have the email passwordless connection enabled for this app, but when I try to create a new user via the dashboard (Users & Roles -> Users -> Create User) the only connection that’s available is the default DB connection Username-Password-Authentication.

Does this mean something else needs to be configured, or is it only possible to create passwordless users through the management API?

to clarify, I never want to set an explicit password for users or allow them to log in via any other means, however I would be happy to use the database to store other user metadata (but no passwords)

Hey there Parkan!

As far as I know it’s not doable through the dashboard but yes you can create that using our Management API. In addition to what is said in our Management API explorer here’s a hint:

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