Send login information to client email address

Hi, we’re using Auth0 as authentication management system. Recently, I need to implement feature “Send login information to client email address” which I understand is required send login credential (maybe username/password) to our user email address. User here is person who already login/register by Auth0 login page throught our system. Is there any solution support this feature.

Hi @dung

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Thank you for posting your question. Currently, Auth0 doesn’t allow you to set custom triggers for sending emails to your customers. The first step would be setting up a service on your side that would send the credentials to the users. The 2nd problem you need to solve is the email/passwords. Auth0 saves only hashed passwords, and there’s no option for you to fetch it, change it to plain text, and serve it to the customer. To do that, your service will need to change the existing user password, send it to the customer, and later force the user to change it during the “first login.” I hope this explains it to you.


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