Self-Service Password Reset "Check Email" Message

Is it possible to change the message or screen that appears after you begin the self-service password reset? At the moment, the screen just says “Check Your Email” Please check the emails … for instructions to reset your password.

Resend email

I would like to display a link to go back to the login page also if possible.


I looked through all of the messages on the Universal Login Custom Text screen but couldn’t seem to find it.

Make sure that you select the screen you like to update as shown in the screenshot.

@spoudel , I can change the text in there but it doesn’t look like it will let me enter any HTML text so I am not able to add a hyperlink to the login page. I’m guessing there’s probably not a variable that would output the HTML.

If you have a custom domain set for your tenant, you can use the management API to alter the HTML of these screens. It’s not straightforward, but it is doable.

Here is the API documentation: Auth0 Management API v2