Selectively enable SSO for allowlisted users

We are using

  • classic universal login with Lock.js template
  • auth0 actions
  • enterprise connections / SAML/ OIDC for SSO
  • auth0-react FE
  • home realm discovery to enable SSO for select organizations

We are not using Orgs feature.
This works great but now we have a new use case…

Is it possible for us to have preview SSO enabled for certain users by email address? This will be immensely helpful since admins often want to see this in action first before enabling for all users. It is generally not a feasible idea to release SSO on for everyone at the same time. so having an allowlist ability will be great. The UX itself needs to stay on older login for most users except those on allowlist. But once we release for the entire org (using home realm discovery?) then the allowlist should not matter.

Hi @auth0rocks,

If I understand correctly, you are looking to enable/disable SSO for certain users. I’m not sure this is possible. Could you please create a feature request in our Feedback category? Thank you.

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