Secondary account will not unlink

Hey everyone,

I am struggling with an issue where I call the DELETE endpoint to unlink an account outlined in the docs, and the endpoint returns a 200 status code but does not unlink the secondary account that was targeted in the API call.!/Users/delete_user_identity_by_user_id

I’ve made the call using the management api explorer, and from my application. both calls return a 200 status code, but the secondary identity remains in the array of identities for the user.

What is going on here? Thanks!

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Hi @dave6 ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

I tested this endpoint with Postman and unlinked the account successfully. This is my endpoint:


In my example, the primary account is Google, and the secondary is an auth0 user.

If you are still facing this issue, please provide your endpoint, and I will continue looking into this. Thanks!

I’m experiencing the same issue as the OP.

Earlier this week I was able to successfully use the Management API docs to unlink identities, however now it seems to not be the case.

From the network tab, I can see the request taking place and succeeding, however the identities remain unchanged.

Is there latency until the user entity is fully updated?

@jeremy.gray ,

Could you please DM me the tenant name, user id and the API endpoint you sent the request to for unlinking the secondary account?