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Management api bug or docs issue - unlink user identity always returns 200



Unlinking an identity from a user always returns http 200 regardless of input as long as primary account is valid.

  1. Enter a valid user for id
  2. Choose a provider at random
  3. Enter any value for user_id. It can be a valid user_id or a completely made up string of random characters.

The response code is always 200.

The docs say this code means:

The identity was removed from identities array. See Response Class below for schema.

Either that’s incorrect or there is a bug here.


I have reproduced this and logged the issue with the API team, however I can’t commit to an ETA for the fix. Thanks for bringing this to our attention


There is a second, similar issue here too. In the docs,!/Connections/delete_connections_by_id says “Deletes a connection and all its users” however if a user is a linked identity, the linked identity will remain even after the connection is removed.

Not sure if that’s the correct behavior, but it should probably be documented:

“Deletes a connection and all its users except for linked identities, which must be manually deleted from each individual user.”