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Search the logs at a specific date


Trying to retrieve logs from the api for a specific date range, with parameters such as:

  • q=date:2018-04-05* (does not work, gives me all results)
  • q=date:{* to 2018-04-05} (same)
  • q=date:[2018-04-04 TO 2018-04-05] (same)

I tried a few more things but they also either return nothing, or all results. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if date is not possible to query this way through the log endpoint

Note: I have work-arounds such as crawling ids, but I’m looking for a “proper way”. I’m using this when we need to replay certain parts of the log for various reasons directly from Auth0’s API, even thus normally we just batch get them at a certain position which we increment and save.

Note also this is similar to Filter logs by date though there is no reply there. We also use the PSaaS, but APIv2 is enabled so the above is a v2 query (