SDK for the Authorization Code flow to be used in NodeJS-based AWS Lambda

Hello community,

Could you please suggest the Auth0 SDK that I can use for the Authorization Code flow in NodeJS-based AWS Lambda?

I already have a working version that implements that flow by sending /authorize and then the /oauth/token requests, verifying the token, and storing it into a cookie (something similar to this )
But maybe there is a lightway SDK that can do that for me, so I don’t need to worry that OIDC logic is implemented correctly?


Hi @IvanM,

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Do you simply need to validate a token? Or are you looking for an SDK that handles the calls to /authorize, /token, etc.?

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Thanks for the reply, Dan.

I’m looking for the SDK to handle the calls /authorize, /token and do the token validation.

I’m not sure if this will do exactly what you want, but our GitHub - auth0/express-openid-connect: An Express.js middleware to protect OpenID Connect web applications. package is what we typically recommend for regular web apps.

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