Oauth0 sdk (or examples) for nodejs v0.12

Hello Community,

I have a REST API implemented in NodeJS v0.12 and Express 4 and I have a demand to allow users from an organization (an enterprise client) to connect to it (through my website) with single sign-on using OpenID Connect.

I verified that all code examples (quickstart) on the oAuth0 website consider applications using NodeJS v12 or higher versions… unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to upgrade my API at the time.

Understanding that it might not be possible to implement the integration with oauth0 using an SDK, would there be an alternative easy path (eg example source code connecting to oauth0 directly)?


Hi @ericsantos

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Have you explored securing your endpoints using passport js ? Here is a tutorial on how to do it. Node.js and Express Tutorial: Authentication Using Passport

Hope it helps


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