Server-side redirect for Auth0 Organization login in nodejs/express app

I am relatively new to Auth0 but have experience building identity services. I am trying to do something that seems simple but I am struggling with the impl.

In our nodejs express multi-tenant app, I would like to expose an endpoint like /customer/:name/login that will redirect the user to their Auth0 Organization login page. I already have Organizations configured. In our database, we will associate customer name with organization ID, so I have access to the Auth0 org ID on the server. The flow I want is GET /customer/:name/login β†’ look up org ID β†’ redirect to Auth0 login β†’ redirect to app callback page.

The Auth0 documentation refers to calling the authorize endpoint but delegates the details to an Auth0 SDK. I looked at these libraries:

  • passport-auth0: I am not excited about the session requirement when using passport-auth0; this is a new dependency our app does not currently have.
  • express-openid-connect: Simpler than passport config, and also handles the session requirement by storing state in encrypted cookies. This blog suggests preferring express-openid-connect for new projects as a replacement for passport-auth0; however, I can’t find a way to specify an organization ID to express-openid-connect.

I feel like I’m overcomplicating this; can you help clarify which library would be better for my use case and provide any implementation tips?

I ended up using express-openid-connect and found I can pass the claim I want to it:

    authorizationParams: {
        organization: <organization_id>
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This really should be added to the official documentation. It is very, very absent from the quickstart and the express-openid-connect doc.