SDK for older web application

Hello all:

I have been looking for an example of using Auth0 for a legacy Webforms, web application that is pre Core and pre MVC. It is using JQuery as well. The only one I have located so far is the “okta-aspnet-webforms-example”. On login in I get this message: “IDX20807: Unable to retrieve document from: '

The OWIN suggestion from an earlier post is for an MVC project which will not work with what I have.

I am thoroughly confused as to how to move forward.

Hi @gwhitcher

Thanks for getting in touch with us at Auth0 Community.

We have an old sample that I believe is pre MVC i.e. Webforms but it is now in public archive, deprecated and subject to a security notice that you will need to evaluate (an unresolved security issue). You can see more here, the recommendation is to follow the ASP.NET (OWIN) or ASP.NET Web API (OWIN) Quickstarts where possible:

Warm regards.

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