Auth0 for both WebForms, MVC 5, and MVC Core applications

Dear experts,

I am very new to Auth0. In fact, I am trying to understand if this is the place where I belong.
We have a legacy web application. Most of it is WebForms, and some projects are MVC 5. We use old Membership role-based identity for authentication and authorization.
Now I am about to create new applications with MVC Core, which should serve the same users as the old application, but not replace the old application. core does not support old identity system.
So my question is this: can I use Auth0 for both WebForms, MVC5, and MVC Core applications, if I migrate?
Thank you very much in advance.

Iā€™m, like, 99% sure you will have no trouble using Auth0 to provide single-sign on to your users. Have you checked our quickstarts? Most of the times, we have libraries (SDKs) ready to be used on platforms, sometime we just need a bit more tweaking.

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Good Morning Bruno,

Thank you for your answer. So far I have not found how I can use Auth0 with WebForms and/or MVC 5. As I mentioned, I am really new to all this, so I need some steps to follow. E.g. when I add an application on the dashboard, I have to choose a technology used, but there is no WebForms in the list.

Ah, I see. So, yeah, we divide applications into four types:

  • SPA: Basically speaking, those that do not reload the page on navigation (they are normally built with React, Angular, or Vue.js nowadays).
  • Native: Those that run natively on a device (e.g., on an iPhone, Android, or even on Windows or Linux)
  • Regular Web Applications: Those that do reload the page on navigation. ASP.NET MVC fits on this category.
  • Machine to Machine: no user involved.

So, in your case, you will choose Regular Web App and wil probably end up using one of the following quick starts:

If this does not help, let me know and I will try to give you more in-depth instructions.

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