Question about implementation of legacy applications

Afternoon. We’re a company that has a pretty old application that we want to implement Auth0 into to allow our users to click into another application that they want to sign into.

What we want to do is keep our existing authentication pipeline and gradually move parts over to Auth0. As it stands, we have a hybrid OWIN token & ASP.NET Cookie based application, so replacing the entirety of the authentication pipeline is pretty impossible. But what we could do is create newer parts of our application with a .NET CORE API, using Auth0 and move parts over piece by piece. We can then share our application with a 3rd part to enable us to SSO sign into them without affecting our existing application.

I’ve not found any documentation that helps me on this, and to be honest there is alot of it! Has anyone got any experience of this?

Hi @NewZeroRiot,

I am not acutely familiar with OWIN, but I know we have an OWIN quickstart that might give some insight.

Are you planning on using your customer DB as the identity provider, or do you want to migrate your users to use auth0 as the IDP?

If you can give a little more information about your current configuration that may provide helpful.


Hey Dan, this can be closed! Thanks for reaching out!

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Sounds good, thanks!

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