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Screen view jumps to Lock widget, hides banner text



I am using Lock SDK v11 and the screen “jumps” to the lock screen when lock loads. This is especially apparent in mobile browsers. This is a problem because it hides an important banner message that is important to our business. I have searched the web/community boards but haven’t found a solution.

This is our Lock config:

    container: 'login-container',
    closable: false,
    autofocus: true,
    mustAcceptTerms: true,
    socialButtonStyle: 'small',
    allowShowPassword: true,
    defaultDatabaseConnection: '----',
    configurationBaseUrl: '',
    auth: {
      redirectUrl: `${APP_DOMAIN}/login`,
      responseType: 'id_token',
      params: { scope }
    theme: {
      primaryColor: '#2A7DC3',
      logo: ''
    additionalSignUpFields: makeAdditionalSignupFields({ signupCode }),
    languageDictionary: {
      title: '',
      signUpTerms: 'I am a ---">Terms of Service</a>.',
      forgotPasswordAction: 'Reset Your Password',
      error: {
        signUp: {
          'lock.fallback': 'Something went wrong signing up. Please ensure you\'re using a valid email account.'
    prefill: { email },