SAML2 Access Denied Error on Third Party service

Hi Everyone,
I am still quite new to Auth0 and SAML in general and I would appreciate any help I can get.
We have a React SPA that we are building. We want to use Auth0 to handle the user management. I have created an application on the Auth0 dashboard and I am using the Auth0 react library with the Auth0Provider and useAuth0 hook within my app for authentication and it works. Users can log in and sign up to my application and I am saving them to the Auth0 database.
I want to implement Single Sign On to another third party service via SAML. My users should be able to get access to that service without needing to create new credentials. I On the same application that I created on Auth0, I added the SAML web app addon and added the third party consumer URL (its called as the callback, I shared with them the certificate and the metadata URL and xml files.

However we keep getting an error that says “error logging into external provider”.
Here is the error on the site:

I have used Saml Tracer and I can see that the SAML Request is going out and the response is being received. However their is an extra error response that I get. Here are screenshots of the saml tracer:

I managed to get the error logs from the website. They seem to say something about having validating trouble validating the signed XML. Though I am not sure Here are screenshots of the error logs:

You can see that some parts say “external identity provider returned error access denied”.
Anyone have an idea how I can fix this or what I’m doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hey @actlikewill , Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Can you DM me your HAR file for the login transaction?
Method to get HAR File :

I can have a look and see if something can be found out.