Service Provider application unable to read/validate SAML assertion


I have an application developed on the HANA XSA platform that is using the UAA service with authentication federated to an external SAML 2.0 compliant IDP. I created a simple application in my Auth0 dev account with SAML Add-on and configured the Application Callback URL as my service provider’s Assertion Consumption Service URL. When I go to my application, it successfully re-directs to the Auth0 authentication/log-in page where I am able to successfully authenticate via google-auth. However, when the SAML token is POST-ed back to my ACS URL, my UAA service gives an error message saying “Response doesn’t have any valid assertion which would pass subject validation”. I am unable troubleshoot what is causing this issue.

As for the configuration of the IDP in my service provider, I have followed the same steps as other SAML IDPs I have tried (Okta, OneLogin) and they all work fine to authenticate the user and log in to the appilication. I am not certain what is different about the SAML configuration in Auth0. Please advise and provide any pointers to help me troubleshoot this.

Thank you!

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