SSO/SAML for React SPA

I have an existing app using Auth0Provider from @auth0/auth0-react (^1.9.0).

This app is functioning properly with normal auth0 logins, now I am attempting to use the SAML Enterprise login. I have SSO working properly, but when it comes back to my SPA’s page, it loops directly back to the login page as if it is not authorized.

I made a separate route for IDP Login, but it is doing the same thing.

So, it appears I am struggling with two items:

  1. How do I accept POST requests to React SPA (or do I need to)?
  2. When I enter the Query String in “IdP-initiated SSO Behavior” under the Enterprise Connection, it appears to be completely ignoring this.

I feel like once I’m able to get it to POST to the proper route, I should be able to direct traffic from there.

The current “am I logged in?” flow I have is:

  const { user, isAuthenticated, isLoading, loginWithRedirect, logout } = useAuth0();
  const location = useLocation();

  if (!isLoading && !isAuthenticated) {
    loginWithRedirect({ appState: { targetUrl: "/auth" } });
  } else {
    if (isAuthenticated && !isLoading) {
      /// user logged in, do stuff for them.

The IDP Login flow I have is:

import { useAuth0 } from "@auth0/auth0-react";
import { useSearchParams } from "react-router-dom";

const IdpLogin = () => {
    const { loginWithRedirect } = useAuth0();
    let [searchParams] = useSearchParams();

    const redirectToAuthorize = () => {
        const connection = searchParams.get("connection");
        if (connection) {
            return loginWithRedirect({
                connection: connection,
        } else {
            return loginWithRedirect();
            // You could optionaly return an error since this endpoint should be specifically for IdP-Initiated flows.

    return redirectToAuthorize();

export default IdpLogin;

The route setup I have is:

     <ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
                <div className="wrapper">
                    <Header sessionUser={sessionUser} setSessionUser={setSessionUser} />
                        <Route path="/idplogin" element={<IdpLogin />} />
                        <Route path="/" element={<MainApp />}>
                            <Route path="/actions" element={<Actions />} />
                            <Route path="/action/:id" element={<Action />} />
                           .... other routes

Then at bottom of the index, I have:

    <Auth0Provider {...providerConfig}>
        <App />

Hi @srocke , welcome to Auth0!

A known case where users are directed to the login page while being already logged in is when the /authorize request is sent with the optional param: “prompt” having value other than “none”.

with: prompt=login, users will be shown the login page regardless of being already logged in.

Can you maybe inspect via the browser network tab what params are sent with your /authorize request payload? Ref for available params - AuthorizationParams | @auth0/auth0-react

Thank you!

Can you please provide me with a clearer example on this?

Hi @srocke ,

Sure thing. I mentioned inspecting the /authorize request while you attempt to log in to your SPA app / access your SPA app’s protected resources to see if your code logic do stuff that you intent.
(For example if, within this request, the connection param is set to the expected value.)

There is also an article about troubleshooting SAML connection - Troubleshoot SAML Configurations

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