SAML SSO in React Native WebView

I have a React Native application that uses the react-native-auth0 library and WebAuth to sign in using a username/password connection.

Within this app, I would like to open a webview to a web application that supports SAML SSO. I have the application configured in Auth0 with SAML support that I have tested to work in a web browser.

My hope was that by doing the WebAuth login with ephemeralSession = false it would keep the Auth0 cookies such that opening the webview would allow a silent login.

I am currently opening the SAML URL in the webview in the following format but I am being prompted to login for the SAML application-
GET /samlp/YOUR_CLIENT_ID?connection=CONN_NAME

Is it possible for the authentication used for the React Native app can result in a silent SSO login to the SAML-based web application?

react-native-auth0 version 2.17.0