React Native open web page in WebView

I’m developing an Android application that is a cut version of our main (web) app. I need to redirect user to the main app using a link and I want to do it with the help of WebView so user can do everything in the same window. I tried the following approach and I only see Auth0 login page

  return (
          uri: url, headers: {
            "Authorization": `Bearer ${TOKEN}`,

What is the correct way to do it?

Hi @apple8blossom8,

What are you trying to do with this this request? I see you are sending a token to a URL in a web view, but I’m not sure what you are expecting to see in response.

Could you give us a bit more context?

I want to open web application page in WebView in my mobile app. The web application shares the same Auth0 credentials so I want to pass token as a header so user will not need to authorize twice

A web application and a mobile application should be treated as separate apps/clients, but can share an SSO session via a cookie if the login occurs in the same browser.

Are you using universal login for both apps? If so, your SSO session should work automatically.

Did I get it right, it is not possible to open link as WebView?

If I add the link like a regular one it opens in browser with user authorized, but this is not what I want

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