React-Native + WebView

I am trying to use Auth0 in React-Native and a Angular webapp. I’m using the package react-native-auth0, and react-native-webview.

I can retrieve the access token from Auth0, but haven’t figured out how to authorize the webview session. I would like any solution where the “browser” is viewed inside a View/Tab and authorized from the auth0 login.

When I open the Webview my Angular app will check the Auth0 domain but I keep getting the login screen.
I’ve set the sharedCookiesEnabled to true on my Webview (react-native-webview/ at master · react-native-webview/react-native-webview · GitHub)

Should it just work?

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Did you solve this problem?

I tried it out. Only difference is that my angular app was a web app that uses React and Auth0’s SPA SDK. Setting sharedCookiesEnabled on my webview does not share the session between react-native-auth0 and the webapp.