SaaS Database SSO Setup

Hi - a SaaS database we use has a setting to allow SSO setup.

(you can see what I mean if you search for “Single Sign-On via SAML” here

Is auth0 a solution for me in this case, to just plug into this service (with no development?), or, do I need Okta for that situation? I can get the point from reading that auth0 appears to be for integrating into ones apps, but, my current need is just configuration, and having something act as an identity provider and MFA provider, providing its own default login page to replace the one the SaaS usually presents…

Please advise, thanks.

Hi @RickCogley ,

Auth0 supports SAML 2.0, so yes you should be able to configure Teamdesk to use Auth0 by providing the relevant Metadata in Teamdesk’s UI, and setting up a connection to store your users in on the Auth0 side. Please see the steps required here:

Once that has been setup, users will be taken to the “Universal Login” page for your Auth0 tenant, which can be configured via the Auth0 tenant dashboard, but does not require coding/development work from your side unless you want custom functionality. This should meet your need for providing “its own default login page to replace the one the SaaS usually presents”:

MFA can also be enabled and the Universal Login has built in functionality to handle that for you too.


Fantastic @sgo, thanks!

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We are here for you Rick!

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