Loging using Service Provider credentials via Auth0 Login page


I had successfully configured the SSO using SAML with Auth0 for WaterDesk, based on the low code platform TeamDesk. I followed the article Single Sign-on with Auth0 and TeamDesk.

But now the WaterDesk team has asked me to allow their users to log into the Auth0 login page using existing credentials. At this point, I am lost at how to deal with it.

Can you please assist me to be able to proceed further?

Hi @vss.everconnect,

Thanks for the question!

How are the existing credentials stored? Do you want to import them into an Auth0 Database Connection, or would you like to link to an external user store (like a custom database or another Identity Provider)?

Hi @dan.woda

Thanks for replying. The TeamDesk manages storing credentials possibly in some database.

Yes! I would like to link to an external database.

Thanks for the info. To connect to an external database, you would use a Custom Database Connections.

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