Saas business looking to create AUTH0 users from within Salesforce

Hi, I would like to create auth0 users in Salesforce. I would like to create a contact in Salesforce and provision this contact to be a user and create them in Auth0. Has anyone successfully done this? Can you share your APEX code? Its important to sync the Auth0 ID with the Salesforce Account and Contact ID.


I confess I have no experience with APEX nor am I aware of any sample that calls into Auth0 Management API. Having said that have you already tried to achieve that requirement through the Management API (!/Users/post_users) and using external HTTP calls from APEX (

Hi sorry for the late reply. I haven’t tried that yet but it looks like we would all a create user from salesforce and then bind the salesforce contact id with the new user id created in auth0. I have a question regarding best practices, Salesforce is our source of truth, if i am created a new user registration flow, do i send that data to Auth0 first or can i create that contact in sf then call auth0 API to create that user?

Also can i create a user in auth0 without a password? Looks like i would need to store the contacts password and remove it after an auth0 user is created…