Rules Validation/Linting in IDE


In Webstorm, using JSDoc helps document the hook function parameters as follows:

@param {object} user - user being created
@param {string} user.tenant - Auth0 tenant name
@param {string} user.username - user's username
@param {string} user.password - user's password
@param {string} - user's email
@param {boolean} user.emailVerified - indicates whether email is verified
@param {string} user.phoneNumber - user's phone number
@param {boolean} user.phoneNumberVerified - indicates whether phone number is verified
@param {object} context - Auth0 context info, such as connection
@param {string} context.requestLanguage - language of the application agent
@param {object} context.connection - connection info
@param {object} - connection ID
@param {object} - connection name
@param {object} context.connection.tenant - connection tenant
@param {object} context.webtask - Hook (webtask) context
@param {function} callback - Function (error, response)

Is there a similar “documentation” for Auth0 Rule functions, or any way you know of to avoid linting errors on Rules?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @calqulate,

The only documentation for these objects that I can find are the official docs. I don’t see any definitions like the ones in hooks unfortunately.

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