Rules not triggering

I have three separate environments - 2 out 3 environments(function properly) trigger rules when a user registers or logins (SPA 2 API). Unfortunately the 3rd environment rules aren’t triggered. A user is successfully added to the Auth0 db though, however, no rules aren’t subsequently triggered. (I have no custom db, just using Auth0 db) I’ve applied the debuggers with console logs and nothing is processed.

Something I’ve missed perhaps, I’m literally guessing what the issue could be with no output to logs…

Any ideas?

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Might be stupid to ask but just to be sure, rules on the 3rd environment are enabled right?

Also sign ups doesn’t necessarily mean login so another thing I would check is if the auto login after singup is enabled.

Yes the rules are enabled.

without access to your app and/or tenant it is hard to give any suggestion. Can you try capturing HAR file and attach here? You should upload one from the working environment and one from the not working one.

Failing that I would disable all rules and enable just one with a simple console.log statement to check again.