Rules are not triggered

Rules are not being triggered.

We have two rules, one of them should trigger for the first login, the second - for all logins. I tried it in auth0 sandbox and they worked (I see my APIs being triggered), but when I do a regular login or sign up they are not triggered. (Rule triggers creating of account in our project. I don’t see any calls for that endpoint at all)

Hey there @yaroslav1 welcome to the community!

Good to know the rules are functioning in your sandbox environment - A couple of things to try:

  • Disable and re-enable rules in the tenant in which they are not triggering.

  • Install the Real-time Webtask extension to debug the rules.

Keep us posted!

Hello, @tyf. Thanks for the suggestions. We tried your propositions but it seems like the rule doesn`t want to trigger, console.log(…) on 2nd line prints nothing to debug console.

Hey, @tyf, it’s still not working. Tried restarts. Can you please help me look what’s wrong here?

All test runs (from auth0 console) were successful.

Here are some proofs:
Test item sent by auth0 console:

and if I try it from app:

logs are empty (I’ve covered all scenarios with console.log(…))

Thanks @yaroslav1 and @roman3 for the input!

If you turn these rules off and create a new rule that simply logs the user to the console, does this succeed? I just want to distill this down as far as possible to know whether there is an issue with rules triggering in general or the rules you’ve written in particular.

Keep us posted!

Disabled rules:

Created next rule:

Test trigger:

Login using google connection:

(Don’t mind retries, console does it automatically)

Login using db (user+password):

So as you see - nothing

Thank you so much for the detailed info @yaroslav1, very helpful!

I am a bit perplexed at this point as I am entirely unable to reproduce this behavior on my end. If you wouldn’t mind DMing me the specific tenant you are working with that would be great - I’d like to take a closer look on our end and open this up for discussion internally.

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