Rule execution stage documentation

Looking for the available values for rule execution stages.

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Can you share a little bit more context around what you’re looking for as I’m not sure if I understand your needs correctly

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We’re configuring our tenant’s rules via auth0-deploy-cli, which requires us to both include the rules JS file and a JSON file. The body of the JSON rule-configuration file is similar to what’s documented in the v2 management api here. Typically we see the property stage with the value of login_success like this

  "enabled": true,
  "script": "./my-rule.js",
  "name": "Do some stuff with claims",
  "order": 2,
  "stage": "login_success"

This indicates that there is a rule execution pipeline, where order and stage are used to sort and run rules, respectively.

Would like to know each possible value of the stage property and the order in which they execute.

Let me dig into that and get back to you soon!


Hey @konrad.sopala find anything out ?

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Any update to this @konrad.sopala ?

The use of stages in rules has been deprecated in favor of hooks, which is why you will no longer find the different stages documented. All rules run on “success_login”; other stages should not be set and it is not necessary to set the stage to “success_login”.

Rule order can still be set numerically via API or by rearranging the order through the dashboard.

Please see this page for more information on rules and rule order:
And this page for information on hooks:

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Thanks a lot for handling this one @Kris.B!