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Rules for user registration not retrieved via management API



Rules registered for user_registration stage don’t seem to be visible in the dashboard or api.

When I call /api/v2/rules I get empty result but when I try and create a rule with the stage=user_registration I get an error that a rule with the same order already exists.

How do I find all the rules already defined with a stage other than login_success or find the id of the existing rule that is in conflict so I can delete it?


Can you provide the request body you are passing to the Create Rules endpoint? Feel free to omit the script.


You can perform a (GET) request to /api/v2/rules?stage=user_registration so that you can retrieve the ID of the rule in question. Have in mind that it’s not recommended to use this stage and as such the associated documentation was removed. If you have existing rules in this stage you can manage them through the API, but the API explorer documentation won’t show you that information, hence the confusion.

If you want to move away from user registration rules you may have a look at the recent hooks functionality to see if they address your scenarios. In conclusion, if you did not have existing rules on that stage avoid creating them now; if you already had rules you can still manage them through the API although the documentation no longer references them.