Roll my own UI - no redirect / popup


I am building an app for a client, which would like their own in page UI for login/signup.

Our general architecture is as follows

React Wep App served up by nginx.
Golang backend
Postgres persistence

I’d like to authenticate users in the react front end without redirecting. (it may call our servers to achieve this but i do not want it to redirect to auth0 UI)

Then i’d like to authorize that user to call the go backend.

I’ll use the jwt to validate authorization/authentication in backend.

How i can build my own UI, which endpoints would i need to hit and in what order. It is very unclear to me from the documentation.

Hi @sloan-dog

The short answer: do not do this. It is almost never a good idea, and is not recommended.

Instead, use the redirect flow and customize the Universal Login Page to make the experience what you want.

If you must use an embedded flow, then you need Resource Owner Password Grant, but again, really, don’t do this.