Roadmap Changes: What about passwordless ?

Chris Spiek’s recent road-map email announced the deprecating of various Lock versions along with many other changes. However, there is no mentioning about passwordless.
Do we have to make changes as well to keep it working correctly ?

There will be a set of changes to the Passwordless functionality and these depend on which type of application you have.

For SPAs and Web applications, we will release a new version of Lock that will include Lock Passwordless and that uses the /co/authenticate endpoint instead of the /ro endpoint. It will be released early Q1 2018. You will have to change your application’s code if you’re using the old version of Passwordless because it was based on Lock 9’s API (which is going to be deprecated.)

For native apps, you would have to change your code so it redirects your users to the Hosted Login Page. We are currently working on improving the documentation for this, but you can find an example here. Please take into consideration that only one time code is supported through the Hosted Login Page. We are also working on releasing a new version of Passwordless for Native Apps that you will be able to use in embedded mode (no redirect to the Hosted Login Page) and the plan is to ship this at least 3 months before July 1st.

Hi @Anny,
Thanks for the reply. Is there now a official Passwordless Migration Guide for updating online available ?

Also, is the “endless magic link loop” bug now been fixed with the latest version ?

If you have already found the answer to your questions I apologise, but per this thread we are no longer removing /ro like first planned, and have moved the dates for the deprecation of other endpoints to July:

As to the “endless magic loop” bug you mention, I’ll look into what the plan was or if it was dealt with

Hey Jeremy,

Not sure what /ro is, but looking forward to get a response on the loop bug. :slight_smile:

We are not able to duplicate any “magic loop bug” - I suggest implementing passwordless using the Lock example below: