Revocation conditions of Change Password Ticket

Hi, there.Could you please tell me about revocation conditions about Change Password Ticket.
For example, when a user inputed new password doesn’t meet our policies, is Change Password Ticket revoked?

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Hey there!

Good question. Let me research that

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Hello, konrad.
I thanks about researching my question.
Could it be that it was the difficult question?
Would you tell me if you need many time to report.
I am terribly sorry for rushing all of you despite your busyness.

Hey there sorry for the delay!

I discussed it with the team and I think it may depends on exact config, for example:

  • if a redirect to URL was configured
  • where is the password policy applied? Is it ours (the built-in one), or custom DB’s which can also apply a sort of policy.
  • are you using the default widget to perform password reset or a full custom flow.

In a default config, the user would allow to re-enter another password.