Is it possible to customize the change password ticket?

The change password ticket redirects the user to the auth0 hosted reset password page. I want to customize it to redirect the user to the reset password page of my app.

FYI, if we use our own custom URL in place of change password ticket in change password email template, it neither gets expired after a specified URL lifetime nor it gets expired after use.

P.S. I don’t want to customize the auth0 hosted reset password page as it will also redirect the user to auth0.

The password change ticket URL cannot be changed at this stage.

The reason the custom link does not get expired is because you do not have any mechanism to check the validity - the password change ticket contains a token with the expiry of that link. If you want to use your URL, e.g., there is no mechanism to check expiry. Because you would need to build and handle this on your end, I recommend using the built-in Auth0 password reset page.

Thanks, @prashant for such a clear explanation.

This does not make sense, to me. The whole process of custom UI is to create pages which aligned with the current design. Having hosted reset page breaks this requirement.
It is almost impossible to customize the hosted page so it is perfectly aligned with what we have.
What would be our options if we do not want to use any hosted pages?
Any APIs so we could use?

In the same boat here. I guess there is no option?