Get Password Change Ticket URL into Password Change email template

I’m implementing an invitation/set password flow as detailed in this URL

The doc talks explicitly about customizing the Password Change notification template, and putting the URL from the Password Change ticket into the notification.

I can’t determine how to do that.

The documentation says the below

The user invitation email is derived from the “change password” template.

**Customize an email template and use it to send a change password email.
**Create a password change ticket.

It later reports as below which appears to talk to triggering a customized password reset notification with the link generated by the password change ticket. I can’t determine how to do that.

Customize the password change email template so the language in the email aligns with your use case. Include the link generated from the steps above. The text in the email should explain:

**The next steps to claiming the user account.
**The expiration of the link.
**Steps to generate a new invite if it has expired.

For example, when creating the user to invite, you might add a property to user.app_metadata that shows this user account was invited. Then in your email template you could check for this property:

I was expecting to find an API to trigger the password reset notification that accepted the ticket URL as a parameter or similar function, but that doesn’t appear to be an option.

Any pointers appreciated. I can see a few posts on this user invitation/activation/set password process, so hope someone has been successful with this.